Yet The Same

by Forkupines

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Published by the band, published on tape by New Joy Records.
Additional US distribution by Long Drive Records

All songs written and performed by Forkupines
All lyrics written by Simon Skott

Forkupines are Skotty, Jens and Christian

Additional group vocals on Track 01 and 02 by Halfway Decent, Casually Dressed + Darius, Sina Ali and Juliane Mozdzien
Additional vocals on track 02 by Sina Ali
Additional accordeon slamming on track 01 and synth action on track 04 by Till Westphal


Thank you all!


released October 15, 2015

Produced by Till Westphal and Simon Skott
Recorded and engineered by Till Westphal @ The Cron'Ovras Homebase
Drums recorded and engineered by Alex Sickel @ Tiny Pond Studio, Hannover
Mixed by Till Westphal and Alex Sickel @ Tiny Pond Studio, Hannover
Mastering also by Alex Sickel @ Tiny Pond Studio, Hannover

Artwork design and layout by Alberto Becherini
Band logo design by Dave @ Coma Graphics



all rights reserved


Forkupines Brunswick, Germany

Post-punk outfit with an affinity for emo, pop and hardcore from Brunswick, Germany. Check our Facebook for all the tour dates and other news!

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Track Name: All That Matters
If I was to break another bone
Treason could not keep me coming home

A toast to all that matters

I know where to go when it gets dark
These streets just keep me going
And yeah, maybe I'd be lost without you
A life to keep on showing my eulogy

Heresy leads me to believe anything to be of grief

I know where to go when it gets dark
Three cheers for growing up
Track Name: I Am The Horizon
If it's a down, it ain't the end
If you're high tonight, you're gonna fall tomorrow
To follow through, you must pretend
To be on top, you've got to let loose of your sorrow

I know you only meant well
And it doesn't rain tonight
And I miss you

I've said it a thousand times and I will say it again
A lifetime of composition, an oath to forget
Home is where you suffer, home is where you bend
This is where I'll end up alone
On my own

Never had my priorities straight
Track Name: Nothing Short Of Magic
A lesser god would be appalled by your behaviour
But me, I won't be giving in
You've been to hell and back to stand by your convictions
Once back, they tell you that they're sin
A craze I cannot grasp

Do you believe in living?
I lost mine long ago
And now I'm finally breathing
Now there's a story told

A bitter deity can fuck with all your senses
But someone told you they would not
Can you believe we're nothing short of magic?
Track Name: Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water
I made the choice to be more than I really am
One last time I give in to these bearing hands
I've done nothing so I guess I could just forget
What once was and what I've made out of myself, again and again

You made me a living target
You've done so much for me
On and on, until I couldn't breathe

We leave our homes to come back stronger
And no one knows if they can take it any longer
Wild at heart, soft at mind
And every sinner has a past
And every soul is put to rest

We're all living targets and we don't know what to believe
Let me breathe
Track Name: Supremacy
Come be my guest, be second best
Some thoughts just never crossed my mind
With all my weight, I contemplate
Some souls just always stay behind

I know that you're watching me
And I can't deny the need to be in bloom

If you don't know what you want, you can't find your way out
You will know what comes around
Once you settle for direction, all you need is to let go

You can't trust your own eyes when they're closed
I'm afraid you'll never know

To the west where we burned the rotten skin
A trip I sometimes hope I'll never make again
To the east where our dreams were still alive
Our very last chance to survive, to finally strive

Say, can you see the only point in harmony?
Track Name: A Cold Dependency
Loose lips, I got me some and here we go again
It ain't gonna be how it used to be
Up front until down low, we've seen some better days
Still you sing along until your lungs collapse
You got me worried

Once you've been me
A cold dependency

Same antics as before but another verse to go
I might have lost it long ago

I've lost my voice some time ago
I can't even recall the day
And since, my luck went away