by Forkupines

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thanks so much to Till Westphal, Matthias Kontny, Philip Zimbo, Chris Knoke of Halfway Decent and Marc for making both tracks and the music video for "High On Life" possible!

music by Forkupines, lyrics by Simon Skott

produced and mixed by Till Westphal

mastered by Matthias Kontny @ M-Audio Station

guest vocals on "High On Life" by Chris Knoke of Halfway Decent // www.facebook.com/HalfwayDecentMusic

artwork by Homesick Design // www.homesick-design.de

music video for "High On Life" by Philip Zimbo // www.zcreative.de

© Forkupines, 2014

Thank you all so much!


released August 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Forkupines Brunswick, Germany

Post-punk outfit with an affinity for emo, pop and hardcore from Brunswick, Germany. Check our Facebook for all the tour dates and other news!

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Track Name: High On Life (feat. Halfway Decent)
of what you talk, I want it all
the agony, the rise and fall

and I can't grasp what you see that keeps you addicted to me
you'll never know

high on life, low on battery
these voices in my head show me the way
I need someone to help me, to save me from myself
I need to be alive but I'm not feeling all that well

these words you say, they don't sound right
now that I stand here, I feel obliged

high on life, low on battery
these voices in my head show me the way
I need someone to hang me, I need a point of view
and all this fucking time, I never failed to misconstrue
Track Name: Semantics
so here we are not making a scene
'cause that is what it's all about it seems
we cannot live like that

the great responsibility that everything must come to be
nothing ever sets in noise

how could you say // that everyone needs
to swing and sway // like you do?

another verdict breaks the case
another route might end the chase
but never give up your hopes

abysmal skin coming undone
this life is worth a living after all
you can't clean anything up
without messing up something else
but everything's worth a try
...she gets me high

how could you say?