by Forkupines

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debut ep released on 13th September 2013


released September 13, 2013

All songs written by Forkupines, lyrics by Simon Skott

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jost Schlüter

Recorded in July 2013 at pure sonic studio, Langelsheim, Germany

Artwork by Katharina Sellier

© Forkupines, 2013
all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Forkupines Brunswick, Germany

Post-punk outfit with an affinity for emo, pop and hardcore from Brunswick, Germany. Check our Facebook for all the tour dates and other news!

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Track Name: Hit Or Miss
ever since that day that i decided that i'd never give a fuck, i get that feeling that i've been given so much more luck

i should have known better than this
but lately things have been hit or miss

now in retrospect, it is just as bad as i used to conceive 

when all of my anxieties vanish into thin air and i decide it's not time to leave

feelings change // so do times

new remedy // rise and shine
Track Name: Personal Views
this got way too good too early on
so here's a tale of not knowing how to be strong

got to know seasons change // bigotry never fails

hold on, i need to breathe // here it comes

after all this time, i still hate your name

...and with this, everyone will see, emotions define reality

and bang go the drums to the beat of our hearts

got to know seasons change // bigotry never fails

time's up, reset your game // this is personal!

Track Name: On High In Blue Tomorrows
when the time has come to believe your shit, we better start to learn to get along with it

lights turn into fires, distracted by the night

both can lead the way, both born to ignite

to ignite // from the light

home is not a place that i can go to

i don't take pride in being drunk but i guess that i'm often enough

trembling down a road with a broken spine, we were brought up to be more than people who decline
everything they once might have 
and everything that we used to dream of
Track Name: Waiting For Better Days
breathe in, breathe out

silence screams out loud

turn left, wrong or right

try to pick one more fight

but i'm sick of being sick and tired of holding grip 
cause i never told a lie

and anger's rising // down below

to the horizon // where pressure's low
Track Name: Die Baby, Die!
i'm stuck here with my empathy, found the door but lost the key

when deafened hearts also turn numb, it's time to evolve, time to cum

you say we need morality when poison is your desitny

i've become sick of letting in, time to suffer, time to sin

drown in the dark // find out who to trust

never ever come back // treasures to combust

the path in front of me is paved with thoughts i already erased

my past is faster than i knew, good luck i'm quite aware it blew

where is the door? i got the key. your manners lack of sympathy

i hope your ego knocks you out, i got no more time to doubt

die baby, die!